Q: Is a Lipo Laser treatment painful?
A: No, there is no pain at all.

Q: How long will the Lipo Laser treatment take?
A: Plan on an hour for your first appointment to include a personalized consultation and treatment.The Lipo Laser treatment is 20 minutes.

Q: How many Lipo Laser treatments will I need?
A: Every person responds differently. We customize the treatment schedule based on your desired results.

We typically recommend two to three treatments per week for up to three to four weeks.

Lipo Laser questions and answers for effective easy weight loss.

Q: Can I have more than one area treated at a time?
A: Yes.


Q: Is Lipo Laser effective for everyone?
A: Lipo Laser may not be as effective for,

  •  Men if they have very hard belly fat cells. 

  •  BMI of less than 18.5, this would be classed as underweight.

  • If your skin is hyper-pigmentated.

Q: Is Lipo Laser safe and suitable for everyone? Including men?
A: Lipo Laser is suitable for men and most people over the age of 18, except anyone with the following conditions:

• Kidney/liver disease
• Cancer
• Medical oedema
• Autoimmune disease
• Metal pins or plates
• Thyroid problems
• Urine infection

• Heart disease/heart pacemaker
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you have any questions or medical concerns that are not listed above, please consult your medical physician before proceeding forward.

Q: Will the inches stay off after the Lipo Laser treatment?
A: Yes, accompanied with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Q:  Can I continue treatments after my package has been completed.
A:  Yes, just like muscle memory there is cell memory as well.  Continuing treatment keeps cells eliminating until desired results are reached.  

Q:  Will I need to have long term treatments?

A:  Follow up visits are recommended when situations arise where the intake of your diet changes to more fat and sugars than normal.  These treatments will quickly cleanse the fat cells for guilt free forgiveness.


Q: How does the fat get safely removed from my body?
A: Lipo Laser responds to the fat cells in your targeted treatment areas. These fat cells consists of water, glycerol, and free fatty acids. Following your treatment, the water carries the free fatty acids through your lymphatic system, kidneys, and then are passed out of your body in your urine, safely.  

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

 Lipo Laser Q & A